UX/UI, Product Design

A data-driven calendar that assists in financial planning


To use technology and innovation to develop a new experience, service, and tools that bridge the gap between money and mental health, and provides support to those in a vulnerable situation.


Creating a digital calendar that shows all of your billing due dates to aid in financial organization and planning. When on the go, the BalanceBoard App will keep users up to date and well-informed.


7 weeks


Joyce Chin
Kevin Murphy
Alissa Rome

My Role

User Research
UI Design
Rapid Prototype
Product Design

User Research

Empathy Interviews
Affinity Map
Journey Map

Empathy Interviews

Sample Questions

• How well would you say you’re doing financially?
• What bank do you use? What do you like and dislike about them?
• When you go to the bank, how do you emotionally feel?
• Do you feel that not having a full comprehension of all the bank services contributes to money management concerns?
• What do you use to manage your money?

Interview Results and Insights

• Most of the people I interviewed organized their finacnces through spreadsheets which organizes well, but it's too time consuming and hard to keep up with.
• They set personal budgets for spending, billing, and savings but it’s hard to follow set limits on their spending with their bank app.
• When they’re stressed about money, they either go straight to intense saving mode or they go on a shopping spree. There’s no inbetween.

Affinity Map


A lot of people tend to manually organize their finances and don’t want to depend on an app.


People don’t like talking to tellers because it can be intimidating or time consuming. We also learned that people tend to carry card instead of cash because it's convenient and carrying leftover is annoying.

Young People:

Younger people tend to like notifications or alerts more. They also cope by spending more when they mostly work minimum wage jobs.

Older Folks:

The older demographic we interviewed tends to not trust cash and use several different banks for benefits.


Feelings that people had towards banks and made them less inclined to trust their banking app.

Common Ground:

How people of all ages felt about the in-person banking experience.


After our interviews and research, we created user personas and journey maps to fully understand our users.

Sally Lee

22, Student and Part-time Salesperson, NYC

Sally is a graduate school student and juggles her studies with a part-time job. She also runs a foodie Instagram account where they explore countries through food.

"If I could find a way to manage all of my money, I would have less issues with balancing fun with responsbilities"

Tony Moore

31, Software Engineer, NYC

Tony is a full-time Software Engineer at a tech company and always stays behind in the office. He likes to invest into the stock market as his side hustle but struggles to keep track of his investments.

“I try to save as much possible since I want to focus on my family, future, and traveling.”

Journey Map

Journey Map created for Sally Lee

UI/UX and Product Design


Users will be able to connect all of their bank accounts, and be able to create monthly budgets and savings goals. They will be able to deposit money into the BalanceBoard app through different rules such as, a percentage of your paycheck or $1 every time the user makes a transaction.

Users will be able to view the calendar and have color coded due dates for each category of billing. They will be able to pay their bill early by using either the BalanceBoard or the BalanceBoard app.

Users are able to take photos of their receipts and catalog all previous receipts categorized by healthcare, food/groceries, essentials, and entertainment. They will also be able to add more categories that will fit their needs.

User Flow

The Digital Calendar

Paying your bills with BalanceBoard

Users will be able to pay their bill early with all of their connected bank accounts on their BalanceBoard

Creating a Savings Goal with the BalanceBoard app

Users will be able to create and customize a savings goal. They will be able to set an amount they want to save and deposit money into these savings goals based on which rules they select.

Scanning Receipts with the BalanceBoard app

Users are able to take scan their receipts and organize receipts categorized by healthcare, food/groceries, essentials, and entertainment.

What I Learned

User Research

In order to create a product, one must understand the users frustrations and goals. We had to design for the user and not for ourselves. We started understanding users by doing empathy interviews with people in different age ranges and creating different insights.

UX is NOT creating an app

While creating an app is part of UX, it’s not the only option. I learned that creating a physical product can be part of UX and still help users as a bridge to technology.