Queens Botanical Garden


Your tour guide t0 New York City's urban oasis.


Queens Botanical Garden is a large space, but they do not define the different sections of the garden and plants with signage. The Garden also has a confusing layout and viewers end up repeating the same sections.


Queens Botanical Garden will offer their app as a way to guide users through their garden. By using AR technology, users will be able to explore the garden with ease and less confusion.


14 weeks


Solo Project

My Role

User Research
UI Design
Rapid Prototype

Queens Botanical Garden

Case Study Reel

Queens Botanical Garden


01/Using PlantID

By using AR technology, users can scan a plant to identify it.

Users will be able to read more about the plant. There will be general information about plant size, color, and its uses.

02/Grow This At Home Quiz

Users will answer questions that will evaluate if the plant is compatible with their lifestyle.

03/Create Your Path

The Queens Botanical Garden app can create a path based on the duration they want to spend at the garden, or different categories to guide users around.

Design System

What I Learned

How to cater to most age ranges

When I was exploring the garden for research, I realized there isn't a specific age range that visits the garden. I wanted to create something that would be useful for all age ranges.

Detaching myself

In this app, I used the problems that I faced at the garden as a starting point. I decided that my problems aren't the major problems and focused more on the research versus what I thought was necessary in the app.